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Ways to Strengthen Internal Audit to Meet Stakeholder’s Needs

Internal Audit is one of the critical processes of the businesses. While it helps stakeholders know the exact place where the business stands, the Internal audit also helps in the identification of business operations that need improvement and helps in increasing the revenues its optimisation.
But not all businesses are aware of what impact internal audit has on their business especially its relationship with its stakeholders. Often, the audit report fails to truly represent all the essential data and list all identifiable risks about a business enterprise. In such a situation, stakeholders might lose their confidence such reports or the enterprise itself. As an internal audit is a standard process that helps management to take their decisions, a weak audit report will result in weak decision making. 
At VGNC, we believe that your business must focus on strengthening internal audit process to be aligned to the needs of the stakeholders and to make well-informed decisions. Here are a fe…

How to Maintain Inventory Accuracy: Expert Tips by VGNC

Inventory, physical supplies sold, used or distributed, are one of the most valuable assets for your business. And to keep your business operations running smoothly, you need to track this critical component. Irrespective of the inventory tracking system you use, the accuracy of your inventory is crucial for the success of your business.
In this article, our experts at VGNC will discuss some tips that will help you maintain accurate inventory.

Choose The Right Quality Program
There are a wide number of inventory quality programs such as ISO, Six Sigma, quality management, etc. You need to choose the quality program for your business efficiently. After you have selected the quality program, you need to ensure that everyone in the company understands and supports the program.
Select The Right Inventory Monitoring Method
If you want to achieve accuracy in your inventory, you need to focus on selection and implementation of inventory tracking system. A systematic and faithful establishment o…