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Why Your Business Needs GST Audit in FY 2017-18?

If you are confused about whether or not to get GST audit and account services in Delhi NCR, you should. Why? After the implementation of the Goods & Service Tax Act in India, it will be the first financial year of GST for all the businesses. And having gone through the transition period of GST implementation – which was a quite confusing one. You will certainly want to avoid errors while complying with GST. Especially, in the very early year.

What Are the Common Errors You Can Make? Non-payment/Short Payment of Output liabilityThe excess claim of Input Tax Credit (ITC)Non-reversal of Input Claimfailure (willingly/unwillingly) to correctly read, understand, check the applicability, and applying the provisions such as Place of Supply, Time of Supply, taxability of goods & services, payment of respective taxes (IGST, CGST, SGST)matching of Electronic Cash & Credit ledger with the books These some of the common errors that can have big financial impacts on our business and its…