E-Litigation Portal by VGNC: Online Model to Resolve Compliance Issues

E-Litigation Portal by VGNC: Online Model to Resolve Compliance Issues

In current Indian scenario, businesses have to operate in a dynamic market with increasing participation of technology. Under these circumstances, legal and regulatory framework are also changing rapidly and call for a robust compliance. As the industry is evolving, so are laws.  Latest in line is the proposal of e-assessments under Income Tax Law. And to keep up with this evolving industry, business need to rely on real-time compliance for effectivity. ‘Digital India’ Initiative and global reforms are bringing the focus on acceleration in the completion of the process. With the digitization of various processes, it is quite easy to achieve the fast pace in different vectors of business procedures and advisory.
When it comes to litigation, business has to face a dead end as litigation cases often come out to be time-consuming. Much of management’s time is consumed by the uncertainty of action and roaming around to look for right guidance. This is not only a waste of time and effort but also is the very vulnerable situation. 

At VGNC, we believe that when businesses are operating in a dynamic market like India – Time is of high value. To ensure that valuable time of management is not wasted on uncertainty and confusion, we have devised an online model to resolve the litigation and compliance cases.
Lead advisor of VGNC, Vipin Garg says, “VGNC stands with an objective to bea business advisory firm acting as a growth partner of its clients rather than maintaining a temporarily assignment based relationship. We believe a good partner is the one who committed to the growth of their partner and makes various processes easier for them. Working on our objective, we have launched E-litigation portal to simplify compliance and litigation issues.”
He also added, “Anyone one can reach us from anywhere in India through this portal. They can provide us details and documents. After which our team will analyse he case and provide compliance and litigation services till the matter is resolved.”

The E-Litigation Portal is an innovative effort to help businesses expand and grow by cutting down the management hours wasted on roaming to find a proper solution to compliance issues. The management can now utilize the saved time in core decision-making activities.Here are some benefits of the E-litigation portal:
You can upload the memorandum of summarised information and related case documents on the portal. VGNC team analyses the case after which they provide compliance and litigation services. With this online portal, you will not have to visit different advisors or giving away all the details again and again. You do not have to wait for appointments. You can upload your case details from anywhere.
After you have uploaded your case summary, VGNC experts will analyze the case in detail. They customize compliance and litigation services to match the exact requirement of your case.
The online portal requires minimum human interaction. VGNC maintains communication with the client through e-meetings or video conferences. In the online interactions, critical case points and line of action are discussed in detail before execution.The  E litigation portal is highly secure. As the human interaction is minimized, the chances of case details leaking out are negligible.
With the world moving towards a technologically reliant economy, digitization of compliance and litigation services in a praiseworthy step. It enhances trust, reliability, and efficiency while reducing the time consumed to reach the logical solution.

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